Avo Mousse

Avo Mousse

I recently contributed this recipe to a French Facebook group and it definitely caused intrigue (plus a little indignation at the altering of a French Institution - ‘La Mousse au Chocolat”).  One of the biggest concerns from the group was the calorie content. Apparently the focal point for a lot of French women over 40 concerned with their health (they’re not alone). My personal experience is that the mere exercise of counting calories (and even macros) raised my cortisol levels to the point my body was so stressed it wanted to keep every morsel of fat on my hips that passed by my lips (fight or flight response).  Slight exaggeration. And even if you don’t (want to) understand the science behind all of it … the bottom line was I stopped counting calories, started listening to my body and watch the amount of chemicals in foods. I invite with gusto whole foods that are dense with nutrients and taste. The biggest challenge I have is to remind myself that this is still a dessert and to not consume the full four servings to myself!

The kids love it too!


Avo Mousse


2 large, ripe avocados

100g of pitted medjool dates

1/3 cup cacao

Your favourite seeds, nuts and fruit to serve

Serves 4


  1. Soak dates in a bowl of warm water for approximately 10 minutes
  2. Drain and place in a food processor with avocados and cacao
  3. Whizz until smooth
  4. Divide evenly between glass ramequins and refrigerate for at least one hour (could even be done the night before)
  5. Serve topped with your favs (I chose gojis, pepitas and coconut flakes)

Tip: This can be used as a replacement for icing on cupcakes or brownies!

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