Yvette Paget

  • Entitlement vs Gratitude

    As parents and custodians of our children’s preparation for the adult world, this view on entitlement suddenly has more depth.

  • Ten

    There were likely a few Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty and Queen of Hearts moments along the way - but here I am - mum of ten years and in the thick of child rearing, just as stunned as the next parent that I made it this far.
  • Sick day / week

    The last few weeks have been punctuated with barking coughs and studded with sleepless nights.
  • Celebrate the simple

    A young girl around the age of 5, gleefully waving at a stranger passing by.  The joy of both child and adult was delightfully infectious. I couldn’t help but smile with both mouth and eyes.
  • Clouds and stars

      Did you ever stargaze or cloud watch as a kid?  I did! I remember lying on my bed staring out the window and letting my mind wander.  There was ...
  • But what about us?

    Using your kids activities as reasons to find your own hobbies - not excuses.
  • Rest Time

    When it's too much ... burnout in children.
  • Moving on from Mozart

    The research on the positive benefits of music education are conclusive.
  • Sideline Siblings

    Sport embraces life lessons beyond the ball, field, pool, beach and the like.  There is ample research in this space touting the benefits sports provides in a social sense.
  • Participation and Praise

    Exploring the balance of praise ...
  • How I teach my kids to budget

    I’ve always been really big on teaching my kids about finance and giving them autonomy and whenever I hear of any ideas or strategies that help wi...
  • Extracurricular Activities

    Yvette explores some of the benefits of organised activities outside of the classroom.