Yvette Paget

  • Writer’s Block

    I’ve fallen into this dark ditch over the last few months and have come to realise that for me it has a lot to do with a general life block.  This particular life block has been preceded by my mind, body and family screaming at me to take my own advice to stop, rest and reset.
  • When failing IS an option

      Failure. Even the sound of the word ignites a myriad of unwanted and uneasy emotions.  Like it’s a dirty piece of life to be avoided at all cos...
  • Friendship

    I was speaking to a dear friend of mine today about everything and nothing.  It’s the kind of friendship that has stood the test of time and distance, the kind that can withstand lengthy periods of daily interaction and just as lengthy periods with none.  It’s rare in this world and it’s to be cherished.
  • Entitlement vs Gratitude

    As parents and custodians of our children’s preparation for the adult world, this view on entitlement suddenly has more depth.

  • Ten

    There were likely a few Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty and Queen of Hearts moments along the way - but here I am - mum of ten years and in the thick of child rearing, just as stunned as the next parent that I made it this far.
  • Sick day / week

    The last few weeks have been punctuated with barking coughs and studded with sleepless nights.
  • Celebrate the simple

    A young girl around the age of 5, gleefully waving at a stranger passing by.  The joy of both child and adult was delightfully infectious. I couldn’t help but smile with both mouth and eyes.
  • Clouds and stars

      Did you ever stargaze or cloud watch as a kid?  I did! I remember lying on my bed staring out the window and letting my mind wander.  There was ...
  • But what about us?

    Using your kids activities as reasons to find your own hobbies - not excuses.
  • Rest Time

    When it's too much ... burnout in children.
  • Moving on from Mozart

    The research on the positive benefits of music education are conclusive.
  • Sideline Siblings

    Sport embraces life lessons beyond the ball, field, pool, beach and the like.  There is ample research in this space touting the benefits sports provides in a social sense.