Celebrate the simple


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‘Celebrate the simple’


It’s the catchphrase for the recipe book I’ve just released ‘The Unwrapped Lunchbox’ and the phrase is infusing into my life in more ways than food!

Last week we grazed the surface on the vast and deep topic of mindfulness.  Writing the article has helped me practice mindfulness in my daily routines.  I am simply more aware of my idiosyncrasies, tech use and my interaction with my children.

Leaving my phone alone has been the most challenging change.  And I must say I‘m far from abstinence on the shiny, beeping, buzzing extension of my arm!  At least being aware of the amount of time I spend on it is a start!

Putting the screen down more often has made space in my world to see small, simple events that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

And the simplicity of life was suddenly beautiful!

Take for example, the luxury of a morning walk on a crisp winter’s day.  This particular morning I made an effort to notice the world around me.

A young girl around the age of 5, gleefully waving at a stranger passing by.  The joy of both child and adult was delightfully infectious. I couldn’t help but smile with both mouth and eyes.

The definition of the skyline meeting the ocean.

The sounds of the gentle swell lapping up on the cool sand.

Greeting each passerby.

Seeing the last of the frangipanis on the barren trunks and stalks of their trees.

Coming home to snuggly flanelette-clad children.

Those sleepy morning snuggles with said-children.

Grateful, mindful, happy.

That little girl so overtly happy to be waving at a complete stranger reminded be of how children see the world with a simplicity filter.  The are literal, truthful and honest.

Perhaps as adults we can learn from the simplicity and see the world through their eyes and remember that there is joy to be had in every single day.

This week I encourage you take another step on your mindful journey.  Quite literally.

Go on a noticing walk.  Take your child’s hand, walk at their pace and notice the world through their eyes!

This week’s download is a simple page to record the small things you notice together.  You never know, it could be a fabulous way to practice gratitude in your own life. If you’re not signed up to the newsletter - let me know and I can send it direct to your inbox! 

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