Cloud Gazing

Roadtrippin’ = default family time!  Whether it be down the road or down the East Coast of Australia - it is a unique opportunity to give each other some quality time.  After school debriefs, car-karaoke or our recent car trip - cloud gazing.

How quick we can be to shove a screen in our children’s lap so we can have an hour of peace in the car. Negating this special chance to be present with our children.  Allowing the space for them to chit chat can reveal so many deep thoughts, niggling concerns or just pointless ramblings about everything and nothing.

My own proud parent moment came in our recent cloud-gazing car trip.  Miss 6 piped up in the back seat on how interesting the cloud formations were to her.  The whole family followed suite and before long there was Popeye, dinosaurs, koalas and more - all floating through the blue infinity out our windows.

Fluffy, white extensions of our imagination, engaging creativity,  mind wandering and most importantly shared memories and laughter. Quite incredible what the mind is able to achieve when given a moment of boredom - life lessons for both children and adults!

Cloud Gazing Family Road Trip

I challenge you to resist the digital temptation on your next trip and see what discoveries you make.

~ Just one small change ~

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