Clouds and stars



Did you ever stargaze or cloud watch as a kid?  I did! I remember lying on my bed staring out the window and letting my mind wander.  There was no thought of what had been, not thought of what was coming, I was present in that particular point in time - and completely content.

It’s a bit of a different story nowadays.  

Do you ever make (read ‘have’) time to think?  Adulting just seems to come with a whole lot of stress and an inability to be bored.

Dr Libby Weaver is an incredible expert in this space.  Her holistic view on health is as educated as it is humbling.  She speaks to the perception of stress in today’s modern world and the detrimental impact it is having on our lives.  With a PhD in biochemistry, Dr Libby’s studies delve into the biochemical reactions occurring in our bodies as a result of constantly elevated stress hormones.  You know the kind we are only meant to produce if faced with a saber-tooth tiger - reminiscent of our caveman days?

For me, the frightening thing is that our children are not immune to this type of stress.

As our lives become more and more fast-paced, more and more screen-reliant and more and more productivity-driven, are we forgetting how to relax, how to be reflective and how to be bored?  One quick scan of any public area will reveal a vast majority of the human race buried in a small screen. No more chit-chat in a line at the post office, no more quiet reflection on a park bench during a lunch break.  No more children misbehaving (but learning how to behave) at a family restaurant.

No more stargazing and cloud watching. No more boredom.  

Just the thirst for constant engagement.

My perspective is that the advancement of technology has created a retrograde of mindfulness.  Mindfulness of self, of others and the planet in its entirety. Frightening.

I am guilty of whipping my phone out at any given opportunity to relieve boredom.  And although I am trying to be more mindful of doing so in front of the children, the addiction to the bips, vibrations and rings of my phone is real.  An addiction I want to break before the teenage years.

Because I want to be the example and I want my children to be ok with boredom.  I want them to be able to be comfortable in silence, inactivity and non-productivity.  Because it is there that magic can happen. Those moments in the day where we give our mind a rest and pay attention to the thoughts between the thoughts and greatness emerges.

This mindfulness journey has only just begun for me.  I struggle to be ‘unbusy’. So for this week’s download I’ve listed some of the ideas I have for either myself or my children to practice mindfulness.  If you’re not signed up to the newsletter - let me know and I can send it direct to your inbox! 

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