Do you remember “good ol’ the days” when we used to research using the pages of a book or a newspaper or even a magazine?  The proverbial pedestal belonged to those with an education. Success was based on intellectual ability supported by hours, days, months and years of reading and researching.  Scanning over black and white text and diagrams, wiping dust from rarely used tomes that might help inspire you forward, to born a new idea, to feed the hunger for more - more data, more information …

… more, more, more!!!

Fast forward to the digital age, an age in which we’re drowning in data.  Typing in ‘sore throat’ into a search engine can give you a simple diagnosis without you even leaving your living room … it can also give you an anxiety attack on reading all the more sinister possibilities.  

Is too much, too much?

Are we so blind in our love of our darling Cyber that we do not see its glutinous tendencies?  Our pure disregard for quality on our quest for quantity? How on earth do we filter the fact from the fiction or the truth that resonates with our morals and values from the truth that resonates another set of morals and values?

And what does any of this have to do with health, wellness and parenting?

Who else is guilty of consulting Google instead of our own mother for fear of judgement - or the fact its 2am and you’re feeding or settling or suffering a bout of insomnia?

We use our darling Cyber to guide us in one of our most (if not THE most) important roles as a human being - to raise other human beings.  We use it because it’s there, because it’s easy and because it’s quick.

Should we be?

It does beg the question.  

Maybe we should do our due diligence on our data-filtering sources - the bloggers, the influencers, the vloggers, the online courses and memberships - the people we now trust for advice - our cyber village.  Because if we do trust these people and we resonate with their ideas, morals and values - we can save ourselves so much time - because they’ve done the scrolling for us. They may have even picked up an actual book or two.

The world is definitely a different place with the emergence and settling in of cyber-space.  A place that personally tends to scare me as a parent raising three children But like all other generations - there is always a challenge that never existed before.  So rather poo-poo the “new ways” why not learn them well enough to educate ourselves so we can in turn educate our children. It is, after all a very powerful tool - that with the right education can be magical!

We just need to choose our filters carefully.

~ Just one small change ~

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