Happy Mother's Day

Ahhhh, Mother’s Day!  After we cut through the commercialisation - what does it mean these days?  For me - it’s time spent with my own incredible mum, acknowledging those women in my life that have had a positive impact on it, and of course being showered by unconditional love from my own three gorgeous babies.  And - if I’m lucky - a day I haven’t had to plan myself!

I’m sure for most of us the day rolls in a similar way - not so much in activity or gifts - but for feelings of love and gratitude.  Even my minimalist-communicator brother takes the time to call mum from interstate. Heck, if you didn’t know it was mothers day you’d be living under a rock - or in a different country - the cards have been in the shops since Easter! So while I tend to shun the commercialisation of days such as this one - they at least serve as an in-your-face-with-fluffy-pink-bed-socks reminder that it’s on the 13th of May this year.  That’s this Sunday, you’re welcome.

Foot attire aside - what about those of us that don’t live close to our mums (or our kids) or for those of us that for whatever reason don’t have a mum in the traditional, biological sense? I remember that mother’s day were always the hardest when living in foreign countries.  I have vivid memories of waking up in a share house in London and the word going around that it was Mother’s Day back home … everyone was whipping out their call cards (haha - yep back in the olden days before FaceTime) to make a highly overpriced call back home. France was a bit different - I had to rely on my own memory … and New Zealand was simple - same, same really.  Those years spent abroad taught me a lot about family - and about how it doesn’t have to be limited by a set of genes. Because while I missed my own mother dearly - there were definitely female mentors in my life that made me feel like I belonged and that I had someone. The unwritten laws of the sisterhood.

So here’s to the mums that aren’t mums in the biological sense  - the step mums, the grandmothers, the aunties and the friends that offer a shoulder to cry on, a gentle word of encouragement, an ear to hear the achievements and a warm welcome smile when you most need it.  May your day be filled with love and gratitude from your ‘adopted’ children - and hopefully a handcrafted gift or two.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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