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The last few weeks have been punctuated with barking coughs and studded with sleepless nights.  The flu season hit 4 out of the 5 of us pretty badly. Unfortunately I wasn’t the lucky one to escape the germ onslaught.  More often than I’d like to admit, I push through, soldier on and carry through life as per usual - just a little, well, sicker.

And despite my prior few weeks writing about mindfulness and avoiding pushing our children into burnout, I pushed through the days like I was some sort of super human devoid of any sort of consequence for ignoring the signals my body was screaming at me.

Tut, tut.

I would love to say that I won’t do it again.  

And although I inevitably will do it again - perhaps it’s time to take my own advice and slow down when the signs are there.  

I need to learn to rest.  If not for myself, for my children.  Because even though my children are at the very top of my reasons ‘why’ (I soldier on), they really should be the reason why I stop, get better, reset and move forward stronger.

So much easier said than done.  

But if I was actually honest with myself, most of the things I begrudgingly achieved over the last week, probably could have waited.  

Does it really matter if the washing pile gets a little bigger, or the dishes aren’t done, or the floors get left a little messier, or the children’s schedules aren’t run like a CEOs agenda?  Probably not.   

And I don’t think one member of my family would present me with a gold star for doing all of these things considering the cranky mess of a mother / wife they had to deal with while I coughed my way around the housework.

So this post is to admit my humanness in all its glory, to apologise for missing a week of delivering you with a five minute indulgence of witty words and to provide you with a tip sheet on managing the common cold or mild flu as a less-than-perfect parent.


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