So where are you going with all this?

So where are you going with all this

So where are you going with all this?


The question has been rolling around in my mind since catching up with a new friend over a Tumeric Latte (I’m a little obsessed - with the Latte, not the friend).  She’s been following my Facebook Page for a few months now and I asked her for her feedback.


She said to me, “So where are you going with all this?”


It got me thinking, that while I now have a clear vision of where I want to take ‘all of this’, I probably haven’t been especially clear in sharing it with all of you.


So where am I going with all this?


My goal is to gather a digital community of parents who are muddling through child-rearing, just like you and me. I want to develop a safe space where we can share our tips and tricks, our successes and failures, our fame and our shame. I want to create a village, a place where we can connect with other like-minded parents who resonate with this concept.


We  are all seeking a tribe, even if we don’t realise it yet.  We know we need to look after our own health and wellbeing in order to be the best versions of ourselves for our children.  We want to raise well-rounded, grounded, centred and resilient children. But we don’t always have the time or the place to do it in. In our world of ever-increasing connectivity, we’ve never felt more isolated. We may not change the whole world, but by taking part in this village, we can change a tiny part of it, the part we play... and maybe, we can even make someone else’s experience of the world better too.

Motherhood quite literally snuck up on me.  Our first-born wasn’t planned, but I am forever grateful we were part of his plan.  To my surprise, my maternal instincts kicked in and I enjoyed those first years immensely.  However as time passed and our second and third completed our family I began to question my place in our world.


Mother?  Career? Housewife? All of the above?


I’m still figuring it out, however through all the ups and downs of the parenting juggle, I have discovered a growing passion for writing and sharing.


So I want to write, I want to share and I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives - even if it’s just one small positive change.  And I do know that I can’t do this all alone.


My writing and research is about you. What are your needs, your hopes, your dreams?  Help me bring together our common wisdom and build our tribe. Our village will be the ‘go-to’ place for parental advice, support, comfort and company in this often lonely job of bringing up children.  By joining us, you will be able to draw on the strength of a whole community, instead of just bumbling along, trying to nut it out in isolation, or with only limited support.


All you need to bring to the village are your stories and your trust. What you can take from the village is limitless.  Any contribution you make is invaluable - it might make us laugh or cry, it might save a fellow parent’s sanity. Whatever your wins, your lessons, your fears and your tears are - this is the real life stuff that takes us through the voyage of parenting.  


So, which direction are we heading in?  Towards a book, a guide for people just like us.  Without you, I am just one more imperfect human, trying to make sense of it all - but with your trust and support, we are a powerful force, able to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.  Please know that when I ask you to get in touch with me, it is your story I seek - your insights, your wisdom, your mistakes.  We are all authors of our own lives, but with your permission, I want to write your story and draw it together with others’ to continue to build and support our village and community. The book, the guide, - although I’ll be the one who has the privilege of bringing it into fruition - will belong to all of us.


So for now, all I ask is that you share and engage with the posts, reply to and forward the newsletters and help to grow our tribe.  


Can you think of at least 3 parents who would love to join us?


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  • I love this idea of yours Yvette and wish you every success. Looking forward to being part of your tribe xx

    Judy Alexander

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