Yvette Paget

  • Scratches, Bruises and Scars

    I looked down at my youngest son’s legs the other day, he’s four and a half.  Small, little pistons proudly displaying scratches, bruises and scars. This little dude is the definition of adventure and mischief!  He’s not naughty … just curious and full of normal energy … and I wouldn’t have him any other way!
  • Let them be bored!

    Next time you find yourself waiting in a queue or in a waiting room or a in a cafe, take a moment to look around you and notice if there is anyone by themselves that is not on their smart device.  Scary thought, right?
  • Cloud Gazing

    Roadtrippin’ = default family time!  Whether it be down the road or down the East Coast of Australia - it is a unique opportunity to give each other some quality time.  After school debriefs, car-karaoke or our recent car trip - cloud gazing.
  • Camping

    I’d always liked the idea of getting back to the basics, but in a hectic life that already involved daily planning, packing and organising, the sheer work involved in the preparation of a camping trip had always stopped the idea