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Master 9 turned into master 10 last month and I honestly can’t figure out where all those years between baby and tween escaped.  The time vortex of feeding, crawling, walking, siblings, schooling, sports, music, love, tears, hugs, smiles, laughs, frustration and joy swept through my soul like Alice through the looking glass.

There were likely a few Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty and Queen of Hearts moments along the way - but here I am - mum of ten years and in the thick of child rearing, just as stunned as the next parent that I made it this far.

So in celebration of this milestone in our lives, I’ve decided to make this week’s post a little breakout from our parenting journey and bring to you the ten things I’ve learned about kids parties in ten years;

  1. First birthdays are for you, the parents.  Enjoy being the lead, enjoy making the decisions, relish in making it through the first year of parenting - especially if it’s for your first born.  I think we all agree, that no matter how easy your baby is, or how prepared you thought you were, becoming a parent is a massive and incredible life change to be celebrated!
  2. Kids don’t care if your cake resembles the picture, their judgement on your baking skills comes down to the quality of icing and lollies you've managed to pack onto the thing. 
  3. Parties can be held without 10kg of sugar on offer, really they can!
  4. Fruit platters are just as popular as lollies - go heavy on the fruit and light on the lollies.
  5. Simple is often best.
  6. It’s ok for siblings to take turns, that is - they don’t each have to have a party every year.
  7. Even big kids like games - Pass The Parcel is still alive and well.
  8. Not everyone needs a prize!
  9. You will get asked what your child is ‘into’ - have some simple, inexpensive gift options to suggest.
  10. Lolly bags are a fantastic bribe for parents to extract their children from a party - but they don’t have to be full of sugar. Small books, craft kits or even seedlings are great alternatives.

And here’s where I throw it back to you, The Village.  I have two specific questions for you …

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had at a child’s birthday party?

What is the most memorable moment you had as a child at a party?

Please do drop me a line - email, Facebook or Instagram (all the fancy and clickable buttons below)!  Let’s generate a list of birthday tips for us all to use. I’ll send out a download once I’ve collated it!

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