The Climb

We climbed a mountain!


This year I took the commercial pressure of expensive gifts away from my family and suggested we climb Mount Warning for Mother’s Day! So while my fellow females were being served breakfast in bed, poured bubble baths and drinking champagne, I was packing a picnic to lug up a mountain!  Call me crazy - but I just wanted some uninterrupted time with my crew, I love to exercise and we love a good challenge.

So after heartfelt homemade gift giving Mr. 8, Miss. 6 and Mr. 3 piled into the backseat of the ute and we headed south to find our mountain.  I’m told that it is a stunning place to see the sun rise, but I’ll save the 2am wake up for another time. After a small detour (ok we took a wrong turn), we arrived at the base of the Mount Warning at midday.  Noon is actually the latest time that is suggested to make the 8.8 km return trip - unless you’re prepared to trek in the dark.

Armed with an impressive picnic, plenty of water, a small first aid kit and a husband’s pockets lined with sugary bribery, we set off on our climb.  The track is well maintained and there are several places along the way to have a short rest and regroup. Mr. 8 and Miss. 6 were up for the challenge and in contrast to the low level bickering that serenaded our car trip, they were happily chit-chatting and marching ahead of us. They occupied themselves by counting the number of stairs and admiring the view through the clearings.  Mr. 3 was a bit more of a challenge; understandable given the length of his legs in comparison to the height of the stairs. Despite my healthy intentions, he was bribed with a couple of lollies to see him through the trek. But he did it! Even the last 20 minutes during which we had to really clamper up the rocks. In fact that was the favourite part of the climb.

What a sense of accomplishment when we arrived at the summit!  360 degree views on a stunning Gold Coast Autumn day - pure magic!  Ocean to hinterland - not one single cloud in the sky.

Time to refuel!  An array of cured meats, hot smoked salmon, camembert cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, baby spinach and good quality sourdough bread … my crew’s idea of a treat lunch!  Most definitely earned after a good 2 hours of climbing! The kids faces were full of self-pride, their lunchtime chatter an excited recollection of their achievement.

No phones, no TV, no iPads, just family time, simple family time. Bliss.

After the obligatory photos from every vantage point, we packed up our gear and headed down.  Mr. 3 was just impressed with the rock clamper on the way down as he was with the way up. His shrieks of excitement and enthusiastic demeanour both surprised and entertained our fellow climbers.  So many proud mummy moments!

And then of course there was another ~ahem ~ mummy moment … halfway down the mountain … the obligatory “Mum I need do poo!”. Excellent.  There are no toilets on the trek. Although Mr. 3 found it most amusing to hang his backside over a fallen tree trunk to do his business and he was loudly vocal about the fact too! We thankfully had some tissues and a spare plastic bag to take the ~um~ rubbish with us.

The final half hour of the walk down was a little more challenging, Mr. 8 and Miss. 6 were starting to tire - not so much physically as mentally.  But to their credit they kept on without too much complaint - encouraging each other along the way. Mr. 3’s little legs were starting to feel the extra distance that they had to travel from step to step.  He probably could have been carried the very last 15 minutes - but with hand in mine, he finished like the little trooper that he is.

So with the sun setting, the temperature dropping and energy waning, we piled back into the ute and headed home.  Mr. 3 was out to it the moment we changed into second gear and the other two recollected the whole experience with pride.

I’m sure 2018 will be a Mother’s Day that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  And to me, that is so much more special than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates.  

So when Mother's Day rolls around again I challenge you to think outside the box on how to celebrate!

~ Just one small change ~

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