THINGS TO DO: The BEST bushwalks on the Gold Coast

THINGS TO DO: The BEST bushwalks on the Gold Coast

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 22 August 2018

While our southern friends flock to the golden sands and bask in the delight of a Gold Coast winter, you’ll find many locals prefer to escape to their favourite Hinterland trek. The green behind the gold offers a wide range of bushwalking tracks to suit anyone from a Sunday stroller to a seasoned trekker, and most of them are closer than you think!

Bushwalking is a great free pastime for families. There’s something wildly fulfilling to be found in the winding tracks, unique landscape, peaceful sounds of indigenous birds and smells spiked with eucalyptus. Trekking through the bush offers more than the exercise and education, it’s a perfect way to switch off from technology and get away from the distractions of life.

To make sure you are properly prepared, the top tips for a safe and happy trek would be:

  • Wear good enclosed walking shoes, thongs and sandals will start to hurt your feet and you will end up with blisters

  • Wear a hat, preferably a wide brimmed hat or a legionaires cap, not only for sun protection, but also to help keep the dreaded tick off your scalp 

  • Load your backpack and pockets with healthy treats, you never know when you might need a snack
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Pack a basic first aid kit 

  • Leave as early in the morning as possible 

  • Layer clothing so that it can be taken off as you get into the hike
  • Make sure you have your phone and it’s fully charged. You may want to take photos and videos but also in case of emergency tell a friend or family member where you are going

Getting back to nature is good for the mind, body and soul, and a fabulous alternative to the golden sands of the Gold Coast. The must do Hinterland escapes are: 

The Natural Arch

Natural Arch Aussie Bushwalking cropped

Also known as Natural Bridge, this one is a great beginners walk. It’s only about 1km to the naturally formed bridge and it boasts a lovely waterfall and cave and for a keen eye and ear, lots of native flora and fauna. It is found on the western side of Springbrook National Park and it's easily accessible with a car.

Accessible from Nerang-Murwilumbah Road carpark 


Springbook Yvette cropped

Springbrook is a stunning example of the Gold Coast hinterland. Punctuated with waterfalls and rock formations, the routes can be as challenging or as leisurely as you would like. The best part is the Purling Brook Falls. Make sure you pack a picnic and your swimmers for this one. The swimming hole in the middle of the walk is a perfect place to pull up a rock and refuel for the walk back to the car. The circuit is a 4km return trek, and the return is a decent climb so be prepared for some hard work.

Springbrook Road, Springbrook QLD, 4213


Austinville Yvette cropped

A quaint little corner of the Gold Coast, boasting a gorgeous little swimming hole as well as some fairly difficult walking terrain. This trail is rugged, challenging and off the beaten track. There is a steep incline so this is definitely one for the more experienced walker. Austinville is found nestled behind Tallebudgera Valley and and easy half-hour drive from the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Austinville Rd, Austinville QLD 4213

Binna Burra

Binna Burra Must Do Brisbane cropped

Binna Burra lays pathway to the the labyrinth of walks to be discovered in the Lamington National Park. And with Binna Burra (“where the beach grows”) and Lamington in the same place name, how could it not be stereotypically Australian! There are treks for any level here, from a 12km circuit to a short 1km lookout stroll. You can be as challenged or walk as leisurely as you wish. From the enchanting flick of a whip bird to the gentle rustle in the bushes from a Pademelon kangaroo and everything in between ­ it’s a great place to spot wildlife.
Binna Burra is about an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast via Nerang and also has a lodge, camping ground and cafe.

Binna Burra Road, Beechmont QLD, 4211

Mount Warning

Mt Warning Yvette cropped

Proudly watching over the southern end of the Gold Coast, Mount Warning is not for the faint hearted. You need to allow at least four to five hours for the return trek and make sure you leave early morning to avoid a return at dusk. There are a lot of stairs and uneven ground so you can use the built in chain to help pull yourself up and lower yourself down. The 360 degree views from the summit can only be described as breathtaking. There is limited Mount Warning is about an hour’s drive south of the Gold Coast via Murwillumbah. There’s aren’t any amenities on the climb so it’s best to use the bathrooms at the base.

Every trek offers something different and exciting. Happy hiking!

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