Too much help?

How much help is too much help?

During last term we celebrated book week - honouring children’s books and an opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters.  

The way it typically rolls in our house is that the note comes home (or gets found in a dark corner of a school bag), I write it up on our calendar with all good intentions of being organised this year and then the kids remind me that it’s TOMORROW. Eeeeeek, where did those last two weeks go?

This year wasn’t too much different, except that it was very different!?!!?  On the eve (so I’m talking 4pm on the eve), the kids start rattling off some character ideas - all valid except for the hefty price tag attached to the elaborate creations they were putting out there!  So after a fairly brief discussion on creating costumes on a minimum budget is probably a better idea than spending $20 on something they’ll wear once, the final decisions were made.

How proud I was when both school aged kids came up with their own ideas, both quite unique and both whipped up for under $5.  But the biggest thing that stood out in this exercise is that they took ownership of the process. Both wanted to actually create their costumes with as little input from me as possible.

I am firm believer that effective parenting is to give back some responsibility to our children. To let them do things for themselves that may not produce a prefect result, but that create multiple life lessons in the process.

The process of creating their own book week costumes taught the kids to be frugal and keep their money for some bigger goals, it opened up their minds to create, rather than copy, and it was all done without using the internet’s help.

The result?  Pippy Longstocking and Bad Dad.  Certainly not the best dressed on the parade - but super proud of themselves!

Pippy Longstocking Book Week Costume

I challenge you to let your kids take control of the next fancy dress they need to wear!

~ Just one small change ~

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