Yvette Paget

  • 10 Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

    Was it just me that noticed, or were the Christmas decorations in the shops before Halloween this year?
  • Too much help?

    During last term we celebrated book week - honouring children’s books and an opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters. 
  • THINGS TO DO: The BEST bushwalks on the Gold Coast

    THINGS TO DO: The BEST bushwalks on the Gold Coast Published by https://kidsonthecoast.com.au  22 August 2018 While our southern friends flock ...
  • Let them be bored!

    Next time you find yourself waiting in a queue or in a waiting room or a in a cafe, take a moment to look around you and notice if there is anyone by themselves that is not on their smart device.  Scary thought, right?
  • Cloud Gazing

    Roadtrippin’ = default family time!  Whether it be down the road or down the East Coast of Australia - it is a unique opportunity to give each other some quality time.  After school debriefs, car-karaoke or our recent car trip - cloud gazing.
  • The Climb

    This year I took the commercial pressure of expensive gifts away from my family and suggested we climb Mount Warning for Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother's Day

    After we cut through the commercialisation - what does it mean these days?  For me - it’s time spent with my own incredible mum, acknowledging those women in my life that have had a positive impact on it, and of course being showered by unconditional love from my own three gorgeous babies.  And - if I’m lucky - a day I haven’t had to plan myself!
  • Cyber

    Are we so blind in our love of our darling Cyber that we do not see its glutinous tendencies?
  • Camping

    I’d always liked the idea of getting back to the basics, but in a hectic life that already involved daily planning, packing and organising, the sheer work involved in the preparation of a camping trip had always stopped the idea