Yvette Paget

  • How I teach my kids to budget

    I’ve always been really big on teaching my kids about finance and giving them autonomy and whenever I hear of any ideas or strategies that help wi...
  • Extracurricular Activities

    Yvette explores some of the benefits of organised activities outside of the classroom.
  • Chocolate Overload

    When Easter chocolate indulgence goes too far ...
  • "Pocket Money for Jobs" in my house

    Guest blogger Hayley Wilson shares her story about how chores for money (Barefoot Investor style) is rolling in her household.
  • The Family Table

    Yvette explores the benefits of a Family Dinner Table ...
  • Confessions of a food fanatic …

    Does encouraging children to enjoy healthy food need to be a battle?
  • The ‘Talk’

    Tackling the topic of money, Yvette explores the 'how' on an often tricky topic.
  • Homework Hassles?

    How is homework going in your house? We certainly have our ups and downs with it at ours. As both a teacher and a mum, I would be happy if there w...
  • Lawnmowers

    After having recently discovered the term 'Lawnmower Parent', Yvette ties the concept back to delegating the household chores.
  • Kids, Chores and Finances

    Motivating the kids to help you out around the house ...
  • Space for Children

    As I mentioned last time, I don’t have a lot of space in my house. I like it this way because it keeps me on the straight and narrow in avoiding th...
  • Spontaneity vs Over-Scheduling

    Join Yvette as she explores the modern-day notion of 'Busy' and the strategies she uses to handle over-scheduling.