Yvette Paget

  • Kids, Chores and Finances

    Motivating the kids to help you out around the house ...
  • Space for Children

    As I mentioned last time, I don’t have a lot of space in my house. I like it this way because it keeps me on the straight and narrow in avoiding th...
  • Spontaneity vs Over-Scheduling

    Join Yvette as she explores the modern-day notion of 'Busy' and the strategies she uses to handle over-scheduling.
  • Fostering Flow in Your Family Home

    Guest blogger Hayley Wilson renounces her former perfectionist ways and presents an interesting perspective on how tidy homes make happy families.
  • So where are you going with all this?

    The question has been rolling around in my mind since catching up with a new friend over a Turmeric Latte (I’m a little obsessed - with the Latte, not the friend).  She’s been following my Facebook Page for a few months now and I asked her for her feedback.
  • Kids’ Calendars

    A typical Thursday Morning in 2018 usually ran like this...

    Me awake at 4:30 am, planning for the kids and I to leave the house by 6:30 am.

    I don’t begrudge an early morning, I’m much better at dawn than at dusk.  Always have been.

    I use half an hour of my morning time for me, usually it’s a gentle yoga session.  I call it my ‘calm before the storm’.

  • Togetherness

    “Daddy’s home!” shrills Master Four as my husband’s ute pulls into the driveway.

    And it’s on.  Daddy’s about to have four stories coming at him all at once.  Mine included.

    While I’m adult and I understand the kids are excited to see their father, sometimes I just want (need) his undivided attention.  What I have to say is often important too.

  • Reclaiming the 'YOU'

    Mother’s guilt.  We all suffer it to some extent.  And by ‘we ALL’ I do mean Dads too!  Am I doing the right thing? Do my children get enough of my time?  Are my children independent enough for their age? Do I feed them the ‘right’ foods?  Do they do enough homework? Are they doing enough physical activity - or are they doing too much?  Should I be working? Are they getting enough social interaction because I stay at home and they don’t go to daycare? Should I stay at home with them?  What does my boss think when I need to leave early? How will my babies cope with daycare?
  • Whoohoo! I did it!!

    We recently went on a family adventure to the local rock pools.  Fresh, cool water running down moss-bedded rocks are a fabulous change from the salt, sand and surf - our normal summer holiday “go-to”.  
  • Put your socks on!!

     This one is an all-too familiar story in our   household and if I could use a magic wand for   just one easy parenting fix, this would be a close   second behind having the laundry handled …
  • Welcoming Hayley

    Welcoming Hayley as a very special guest blogger!
  • Scratches, Bruises and Scars

    I looked down at my youngest son’s legs the other day, he’s four and a half.  Small, little pistons proudly displaying scratches, bruises and scars. This little dude is the definition of adventure and mischief!  He’s not naughty … just curious and full of normal energy … and I wouldn’t have him any other way!